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Legacy in Focus: Educational Tour in Historic Turner Station & Henrietta Lacks’ Story

Baltimore, MD – Professor Adele Newson-Horst, Vice President and Professor of English at Morgan State University, recently organized an enlightening tour for high school students at the historic Turner Station, a significant African American community in Maryland. Spearheading this initiative was Servant Courtney Speed, founder, president, and renowned Turner Station businesswoman, who imparted historical facts and shared awareness about the region and its iconic resident, Henrietta Lacks.

The Henrietta Lacks Legacy Group (HLLG) played a pivotal role in this initiative. Formed in August 2011, after Morgan State University posthumously honored Mrs. Lacks with a degree, HLLG’s primary mission has been to perpetuate the legacy of Henrietta Lacks and the historic Turner Station, her residence until her passing in 1951. Spearheaded by Servant Courtney Speed, alongside Henrietta’s grandchildren David Lacks, Jr. and Jeri Lacks-Whye, business owner Dennis McCartney, Professor Dale Green, and Dr. Adele Newson-Horst, the organization has consistently highlighted the profound impact of Mrs. Lacks.

Throughout the tour, Ms. Natasha Holder-Cumberbatch, a prominent member of the Department of English at Morgan State University, offered unwavering support to the group, ensuring the event was both educational and memorable for the students and community members.

For a detailed insight into the tour and the legacy of Henrietta Lacks, watch the YouTube video linked below:

Exploring Turner Station & The Legacy of Henrietta Lacks