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The growth of the Henrietta Lacks Legacy Group over the past few years is directly attributed to people like you. Supporters of HLLG have attended our programs, donated to our cause, and helped to spread our message. We are thankful for people like you who have included us in their family’s philanthropic giving. Your gift truly matters. Thank you for making this a year of progress and expansion through your giving!

You can donate by mail with a check made payable to
“Henrietta Lacks Legacy Group” to:

Henrietta Lacks Legacy Group
P. O. Box 21882
Turner Station, MD 21222

Also critical to HLLG daily operations are in-kind donations.

In Kind Donations

Please contact us  via the form if you would like to donate any of the items:

display cases

office supplies

computer printer & Ink catridges

color copier

trash compactor

space for our home office